We create a next-generation service which connect investors, filmmakers and distributors.
Road Map
Private Token pre-Sale
November 2017
Public Token pre-Sale
December 2017
Development of the Satoshi movie + trailer production
+ production of the short movie Satoshi Origins
November-December 2017
Token Sale
March 2018
MVP Platform
January - March 2018
Development of the platform
January-December 2018
Production of the Satoshi movie
December 2017 - September 2018
Production of other original products
February-July 2018
Acquisition of additional content
March-September 2018
Alpha-version of the platform is launched
September 2018
Beta-version of the platform is launched
October 2018
Film funding is launched
November 2018
Final version of the platform is launched
December 2018
Release of the flagship Satoshi movie
December 2018
The AndAction! platform is fully operational
December 2018

AndAction! is a blockchain-based entertainment platform where viewers make movies with pros, invest in film projects in one click and earn a profit like professional investors. It is an ecosystem which gives them an opportunity to create a personalized movie library and build a network of friends to share favourite flicks and get cashback.

The viewer is the chief player in the film industry. However, the audience doesn't have the power of choice in filmmaking. Cinema is created by a closed club of creative people and moguls. As a result, there are tons of undemanded content that is of no interest for the audience.

AndAction! creates a plaform where viewers can become active participants of the film industry. We connect them to production companies so that they could have a productive dialogue and, as a result, produce original content of high quality.

The benefits of AndAction! for the film industry and crypto community are:

- An innovative model of generating original programming and acquiring licensed content;
- A decentralized mechanism of decision-making via democratic voting;

- New opportunities for viewers, investors and producers;
- Transparent film crowdfunding and revenue distribution;
- A payment mechanism that allows to convert both fiat and cryptocurrencies in ACTN tokens within the platform;
- A pirate-proof P2P CDN player;
- Decentralized content storing;
- Low costs of running a VoD-service due to the new approach;
- A cashback system and a referral program for rewarding users for active participation;
- A strong utility token which is used for all transactions within the platform.

A library of over 1,500 movies, from classic films to hottest blockbusters
We create a next generation video streaming service. Integrate cryptocurrency payments into a Video on Demand platform.
  • We have quality movies and TV series;
  • Give a chance to participate in filmmaking;
  • Give cashback for watching and sharing movies.
  • We make investing in movies easy;
  • Use blockchain to make the film industry transparent;
  • Ensure that you get a fair share of profit.
  • We help to raise funds for film projects;
  • Provide artificial intelligence and neuromarketing tools;
  • Facilitate rights management;
  • Offer solutions for budget control and project management.
We produce the first feature movie in the world about Satoshi Nakamoto."Satoshi Nakamoto: True Story of Bitcoin", exclusively on the AndAction! platform.

To give its products a competitive advantage, AndAction! implements latest IT technologies. Artificial intelligence generates new film concepts by analysing big data, tracks world trends and determines triggers for specific groups of target audience. Neuroscience helps us to take into account specific preferences of various target audiences and make sure that there is a demand for a specific movie. Blockchain guarantees that all transactions within the platform are transparent and secure and realizes due payouts to subscribers based on smart contracts.
Token Sale Terms
Hard cap
$57,82M (Private Pre-Sale - $1,32M; Public Pre-Sale - $3M; Satoshi Sale - $12M; Token Sale - $41,5M.)
990M ACTN tokens
Ethereum ERC20 token
1 ACTN = $0.1; 1 ETH = 3000 ACTN; 1 BTC = 75000 ACTN
ETH & BTC are accepted
Token Sale Dates
Token sale starting soon...
Would you like to know more?
Vad Levin
Founder / CEO
LinkedIn IMDb
Award winning director and producer with 15 years' experience, creator of TV shows and TV series for the main Russian media holdings (CTC Media, Gazprom Media); founder of NeuroMovies, a company at the intersection of art and neuroscience.

Dmitry Komratov
Co-founder / COO
LinkedIn Facebook
12 years' experience of project leadership. Managed projects that had from 10 to 100 employees. Converts concepts into highly profitable enterprises. Co-founder of NeuroMovies, founder of TD Delo Tekhniki and Domochist (DIY retail shops).
Alexey Vesnin
IT expert, specialist in IT architecture, developer. Specializes in network technologies and information security.
Dariya Donetskaya
Master of Arts in International Relations, extensive experience in Russian innovative ecosystem, awardee of the prize "Venture Deal 2016", Forbes contributor.
Daria Sorokina
Chief Content Officer
Experience in journalism and content management at the international television network RT (formerly Russia Today).
Dmitry Machikhin
Law Expert
Senior partner in GMTLegal. Expert in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
Warren Whitlock
Digital business development strategist
Warren Whitlock is a digital business development strategist. In 2008, he wrote the first book about Twitter and Mobile Marketing, and the best selling "Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games." He is the host of Social Media Radio and speaks frequently about social media marketing, online publicity and marketing, social networking and building lifetime value for rapid growth. He was also named one of Forbes' Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013.
Yari Romero
Angel Investor and Advisor focused on Blockchain technologies
Old School Blockchain Angel Investor and advisor, Founder and Mentor with a keen interest in the future of value and how it will be transferred in the information age. I enjoy looking for new investment opportunities and help teams materialize groundbreaking projects.
Tony Lekic
Founder of
Executive Coach at works on personal and business development of highest executives in some of the top world companies. He also coaches professional sportsmen, sportswomen and top world coaches in those sports. In addition to that, Tony recently achieved huge success in IT industry with British company As a Head of Business Development he helped the company grow from the start up stages to multi million dollar business in just 3 years!
Mikhail Smolyanov
Financial advisor
Partner in the investment holding Digital Cloud Assets, chairman of the board of directors of Unisender, founder of financial accounting service Finolog, Megaproryv, Megaplan, StartupIndex.
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