Award Winning Company Breathtaking Ent. founded in 2016.

Who doesn't like movies, books and video games for their breathtaking plot twists? But what makes a good story?

Breathtaking Ent. produces movies in edge-of-your-seat genres and develops new forms of entertainment.

Breathtaking Ent. puts to use results from neuroscience research conducted by influential scientists in Russia and other countries. We gather and apply best practices in modern neuroscience to better analyse our target audience and therefore enhance our projects. We use neuromarketing tools at all stages of production and discover new ways to entertain viewers of our movies in various genres.

Our first feature film built on neuroscience will be Vanity Fear, based on the same named short film that has won a lot of awards. The feature film Vanity Fear will showcase how neuro tools can be applied in the horror genre. This will be a brand new social horror movie that will scare you more than any other.

We develop an innovative neuroscience technology under the name of Breathtaking Ent. and believe that it may change the way the film industry produces genre-specific entertainment products. We are looking forward to collaborating with filmmakers from around the world in order to create suspenseful movies and other breath holding entertainment products.

There are three different challenges Breathtaking Ent. can help you with:

- Creating entertainment products such as movies, VR games and books;

- Indie movies distribution based on neuroscience;

- Practical neuroscience for the entertainment industry.