Feature Film
World's first feature film about Satoshi Nakamoto
When a talented hacker, the leader of the powerful gang Anunak, learns about Bitcoin, it becomes his life dream. To catch Satoshi's eye he finds a vulnerability in the code and uses it to steal an equivalent of 165 million dollars. However, the system cannot be cheated so easily… The transaction is reversed. He and his girlfriend who has been spying on him for secret services are in danger because the whole world believes they created Bitcoin. To protect themselves, they have to find the real Satoshi Nakamoto…
Shooting locations
Tokyo, Japan. New York, USA. Beijing, China. Moscow, Russia.
— Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin.
— A genius hacker, "Robin Hood", who dreams of fame and gets a chance to change the world.
— A journalist and an undercover agent, the hacker's girlfriend, who has to decide if she wants to turn him in.
— Security services of several countries that cannot put up with the emerging world order.
— Crypto-anarchists who believe that decentralization can be a guarantee for peace in the world.
— Creators of the black market SilkRoad who use Bitcoin as a currency for criminals.
— Ordinary people who watch the things unfold with their mouth agape.
— Consumer society vs. disrupters who change the world.
— Egocentrism vs. collective consciousness.
— Systems vs. technical failures.
— The peaceful progress of blockchain vs. the barbarity of Dark Web.
There is a famous quote about Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto: "If you don't believe it or don't get it, I don't have the time to try to convince you, sorry." We, on the contrary, want to educate a wide audience on blockchain technology using the most democratic and popular form of entertainment. "Satoshi Nakamoto: True Story of Bitcoin" will become a powerful promotional tool which will irreversibly change the attitude of the general public towards blockchain.
The movie is being developed by AndAction!, a decentralized platform for funding, filmmaking and film distribution.

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